11 Productivity tips to be successful in 2019

11 Productivity tips to be successful in 2019
Welcome, 2019. Time really flies. We wish you and your family members very healthy, happy and successful year ahead. May all your expectation achieved without any hassle.

Everyone hopes for the better time ahead every year. The new year comes with lots of excitement and plans. We would love to share 11 valuable tips to keep the same excitement throughout the year and keep beating your own expectation. Time won’t stop, lay down the strong foundation for 2020.


Tip 1: Make the SMART goal for 2019

Make the SMART goal for 2019Bring extreme clarity to what you want to achieve this year personally and professionally. Write it down on the paper. Stick it on the office wall to hammer it daily. It will have a great positive impact.

The SMART goal will help you keep going in the right direction and stay focused.


Tip 2: Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly

Dedicate at least 1 hour a day for yourself. In case if you can’t stay to schedule alone, do it with some friends or external groups or even take trainer/coach.

Depend upon your choice you can choose out of the different form of exercise, yoga, asana or any sport. Please refer to this material for more insights,

Different types of exercise

14 types of yoga and their health benefits

Types of asana


Tip 3: Meditate daily at least for 15 minutes

Meditate daily at least for 15 minutes

Spiritual health is as important as your physical health. Meditation brings immense benefits to both. It brings several benefits such as reduce your stress, improve focus, maintain positive thinking etc.

12 Science-based benefits of meditation


Tip 4: Keep smiling

Keep smiling

The smile is one of the most precious gifts given to us by nature. It is a symbol of love and joy. It also improves your relationship with the people surrounding to you and keeps the environment positive.

15 Benefits of smiling


Tip 5: Avoid too much usage of electronic gadgets

Avoid too much usage of electronic gadgets

People started spending too much of time on social media. We are too much connected to internet. It is the biggest distraction. Refer to this link to know exactly how much do we spend daily on surfing the internet.

Steps to  be taken to stay away from the smartphone,

  • Keep mobile away while working.
  • Stop all notifications.
  • Allocate fix time to check your mobile, for example, lunch time or evening time.
  • Talk to the point over a call.


Tip 6: Stop multi-tasking and stay focused

Stop multi-tasking and stay focused

Lots of people believe that they are being productive during the day handling multiple tasks at a time. Actually, it brings a reverse effect. It slows you down at least by 40%.

Refer this link to get more insights about how multitasking can be dangerous for you.


Tip 7: Focus on high business value work first

Focus on high business value work first

Sometimes we feel spending too much time working but achieve very little, especially for entrepreneurs. In reality, 20% of the high business value work produces 80% of the results. The key is to identify those valuable work.

Try these steps to be highly productive,

  • Refer your long term and short term goals.
  • Identify 20% of the tasks which can help you to achieve your goal faster. Label those tasks as HIGH BUSINESS VALUE.
  • Complete HIGH BUSINESS VALUE tasks first.
  • Don’t spend too much time on 80% of the tasks which can have less impact on your goal. Try to delegate them if possible.

Tip 8: Keep learning

Keep learning

As the world is moving faster ahead, our knowledge gets outdated faster too. Planning a self-training and keeping time for it, is the most important thing to start this year.

  • Identify the subject (areas) you want to improve upon.
  • Find out the possible books, online or personal training to satisfy your need. Online course from udemy or pluralsights can be quite cheaper and more comfortable to adjust to your schedule.
  • Make a learning plan for at least the next 30 days in advance.
  • Allocate at least 45 minutes of daily time to train yourself.


Tip 9: Keep note of what you do daily and reflect upon them weekly

Keep note of what you do daily and reflect upon them weekly

Being productive everyday is the key to success. Whether you are a businessman, start-up founder, employee or consultant. It applies to all.

Try these steps to improve your productivity,

  • Take note every evening about where did you spend your time and were you enough productive?
  • Review your weekly time summary.
  • Find out the actions which can help you to improve the subsequent week.
  • Do repeat this process every week.


Tip 10: Connect with the right people

Connect with the right people

It is saying that you be like who you be around. Connect with the motivated, knowledgeable and visionary guy in your industry who can help you to achieve a lot.

You may also come across the people who talks about others life and spend time on gossipsStay away from such a people with negative approach. They won’t progress and also don’t let you progress.

Few tips to find out the right people – join meetups, visit exhibitions, travel, find them on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and invite them, join training course.


Tip 11: Get a right mentor

Get a right mentor

Life is a journey. You require to go in the right direction to be successful. Many times it would be hard to decide where to go. The Mentor – a successful knowledgable guy – can help you overcome such a problem. Without having a right mentor you may end up clueless.

We wish you all good luck again for the year 2019!

Thanks a lot!

Quickscrum Team

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