7 Reasons why software firms adopts Quickscrum

In the last couple of years, Quickscrum has seen rapid growth in adoption rate by software companies. CEO, CTO, Programme Manager, Project Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Vice-president and Delivery Managers approached us to help them to increase operational efficiency.

Our research found following strong reasons for the increased Quickscrum adoption rate.

Reason 1: Increased salary standard

Software service provider countries such as India, Vietnam, Philippines, Ukraine, Argentina, Brazil etc. suffering from high internal competition & yearly salary increment issues within their own country. Companies which are unable to give hikes – as expected by employees at least 20-30% YoY – are not able to satisfy and retain the employees.

Many western clients started choosing internalization over offshoring as cost-benefit is quite low. It directly hits the offshore business.

Every organization needs to be highly operationally efficient to increase per employee revenue to survive in such a competitive market.

Quickscrum helps companies to improve their work planning, team collaboration, team engagement, execution and monitoring thus directly increasing the operational efficiency.

Reason 2: Unrealistic Client Expectation

Most of the service provider companies work with the small to mid-size clients of the western countries. In general, projects are having limited time and resources.

The clients always put unrealistic deadlines and expect a lot from the software development team. If everything is well planned, expectations are set and activities are logged within a centralized tool, it’s easier to review them later and find the real facts about the project execution instead of just guessing it.

Quickscrum helps the team to share goals, keep everyone sync and keep eye on who is doing what and by when. The well-defined process helps every individual to contribute more and be part of success without chaos.

Reason 3: Losing the knowledge base

Due to higher demand in the software industry, the employee doesn’t care much about the job. They have their own mindset and attitude towards the work. Having a little bit of unsatisfaction leads to employee resignation. In the knowledge base industry, losing an employee means losing invested capital.

Quickscrum keeps ideas, knowledge base, discussion, research & analysis, historic activities and documents all in a single place. It also reduced the amount of time to an onboard new employee, thus making employee switch over much easier without losing knowledge base.

Reason 4: Single source of truth

Team transparency is always a question mark. Every team is made of people having different psychology. Many times people don’t get along nicely together and it’s quite a natural. Getting a clear work status becomes quite difficult and time-consuming.

Quickscrum provides a simple and quite intuitive dashboard to get a real-time work status report without collecting it from everyone. It saves an immense amount of time.

Reason 5: Waste time in work about the work

The research found that professionals spend over 40% of their working time doing work about the work e.g communicating with individuals, wait for the approval, get the status report etc.  For example, the developer needs to wait 5 hours to get the approval of a certain requirement from a client. This 5 hours can be saved if proper planning is done in advance.

Quickscrum let teams collaborate using a single application. It helps the team to implement best work practices, streamline processeskeep everyone sync, work cross-functional, and get a clear status report. The team can focus on their actual work rather than spending time in work about the work.


Reason 6: Multi-tasking working style

Lots of people believe that they are being productive during the day handling multiple tasks at a time. Actually, it brings a reverse effect. It slows you down at least 40%. Task switching is an expensive affair.

Refer this link to get more insights about how multitasking can be dangerous for you.

Quickscrum best practices help the team to plan in advance and decide the work sequence. At the time of the work, the execution sequence needs to be just followed up without thinking much. Tasks switchover needs to be done only if bottleneck arise.

Reason 7: Un-clear work visibility

Un-clear work visibility leads to ineffective actions and wasting time. Every team members need absolute clarity about the work they are assigned. Accurate work planning and sequences can increase team efficiency by at least 60%. Individuals don’t need to think much at the time of work execution.

Quickscrum best practices provide the team with the prove work management processes. The team can simply follow up them to be highly productive. They don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Quickscrum process consults are also available on-demand over a call to brain-storm over your existing processes and provide the best possible solutions.

Quickscrum helps teams,

  • Share goals across the team
  • Write tasks, assign to resources, mark dependencies, set due dates and track progress
  • Keep everyone sync
  • Track who is doing what by when
  • Improve collaboration by streamlined processes

Quickscrum is one of the highly adopted work management tools globally. 7 days of free trial is available with us. You can simply try with your team and see the visible differences. In case if you need more clarity over how we can help you, you can simply drop an email at support@quickscrum.com.

We wish you happy working, keep enjoying and love what you are doing. good luck!

Thanks a lot!

Quickscrum Team