Burndown Chart by Count

A Burndown Chart shows the amount of work remaining by the total number of workitem remaining on a specific day within a timebox. It quickly reveals,

  • How much work your team has completed since start date of timebox (iteration/sprint)?
  • Is your team progressing well towards your timebox goal (iteration/sprint)?
  • How much work is still left to do to achieve the defined timebox goal?

Here you’ll learn how to:

How to Read

X-Axis: Shows timebox days


Planned Scope: Total number of workitems planned for a specific timebox. 

Ideal Remaining Work: Total number of workitems ideally remaining (not completed) by a specific day.

Actual Remaining Work: Total number of workitems actually remaining (not completed) by a specific day. 

[Note] : Planned Scope is calculated at the start of the timebox. If the scope is changed after timebox is started, It doesn’t get reflected in the chart. As agile does not permit to change the scope once the timebox is started, Quickscrum team has not considered it yet.


You can filter the burndown chart by Active and Completed Timebox (iteration/sprint).


Just viewing chart doesn’t help you enough until you can view associated workitems and act upon.

To view associated work items,

  • Click on any data point
  • Workitems get displayed just right below the chart
  • Perform Quick Edit over a workitem

 Burndown chart displays all workitems related to timebox as shown in the image below.

How to Use

It is recommended to track Burndown chart on daily basis ideally in a short meeting performed in the morning with the whole team.

You should compare Ideal work Remaining with Actual work Remaining.