Digital Micro Services

Customer Profile

Digital Micro Services was founded in 2014. Some of the Services Digital Micro Services provides are Bespoke Software Application Development and Implementation Services, Website Design and Development, and AWS Cloud consulting and Implementation Support.

Kosala de Silva, the Co-founder and COO, gave his valuable input on how Quickscrum has helped his organization.

What led you to QuickScrum?

We are a group of innovative software entrepreneurs embarking on our next venture to provide a platform to enable businesses to provision their business software in Express mode.

“Well. The main reason was the cost. Quickscrum charges by individual user level, whereas JIRA charges less for a few, and when the numbers increase, the cost becomes much higher. Additionally, when we evaluated Quickscrum, it was more designed for the Agile development process, and we can run scrum and sprints easily. ”

How easily did the team adapt to QuickScrum?

“Since the team is already accustomed to the Agile Development environment, it was very easy to introduce Quickscrum to the team.”

How has Quickscrum improved your day-to-day life?

“We are using Quickscrum to manage day-to-day work, worklog, running sprints, planning backlog, etc. So with this tool, we can run the full agile development process.”

Lastly, what do you see as the benefits of using Quickscrum?

We are a start-up software development company working on software development projects for overseas clients. Can we build industry specific Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for these small businesses that can be expressly delivered? At Digital Micro Services, we believe we can.

“It is easy to use and cost effective. The Quickscrum team is very friendly, listens to client feedback, and implements key improvements and developments in a timely manner.

When we raise an issue, the Quickscrum team attends to it immediately and responds ASAP. Also, the Quickscrum site has many tools and documents that are very useful.”

Product backlog

is a consolidated requirements list that is prioritized based on business values.

Sprint Planning

is a means to identify what can be delivered in the Increment and how the work needed to deliver the increment will be achieved.

Release Planning

defines the contents of a release or a specific shippable product increment.

Sprint Review meeting

is a means to collect feedback from users and revise the required items in the product backlog. This happens in collaboration between the team and PO.


follows the inspect and Adapt principle. The main purpose is to continue what worked well, reason out the problems faced during the sprint, and see how it can be done differently.