Customer Profile

IConflux Technologies was started in 2012 with the aim of creating world class software solutions. IConflux works with a wide range of companies in different technologies. IConflux is a full-fledged IT solution provider with expertise in services like website design, Internet of Things, Warehouse Management, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language, mobile application development, e-commerce solutions, ERP, rich web application services, Search Engine Optimization, and networking solutions.

We interviewed Ronak Koradiya, CTO and Co-founder, to understand how the delivery teams are conversant with QuickScrum and see the rewards.

What were the challenges you faced in product development?

IconFlux is a product- and service-oriented company. There was no process defined for project management; everything was handled using spreadsheets. The project progress was syphoned through the project manager, who used to spend hours updating the Excel sheets and collating them to form reports. Some of our major problems with the spreadsheets were:

  • The requirements were incomplete
  • Difficulty in work estimation
  • Project planning
  • Slippage in deliveries
  • Degrading quality of deliverables
  • Poor resource utilization
  • Poor collaboration across team members


What elicited the need for a Scrum tool?

Lack of process triggered the need for agile to streamline project execution. Scrum was the best option as the requirements of the project were not clearly stated at the beginning and evolved over time. The salient features of Scrum, like recurrent feedback from stakeholders, reduction in planning and execution costs, and a culture of continuous improvement, encouraged us to implement QuickScrum.

How did QuickScrum provide the solution?

IConFlux was searching for a user-friendly Scrum tool. The visual management and easy-to-configure features of QuickScrum made it the best choice. QuickScrum is a cloud product that can be accessible globally and can connect teams located in different geographies.

  • Project status can be updated without delay.
  • Detailed story grooming helped me understand the completeness of the requirements.
  • The severity and priority of the stories helped in project planning.
  • The team had the flexibility to go back and fix errors.
  • The client is delivered the features from the start of the project. Valuable features are delivered biweekly. The client does not need to wait too long to experience the feature.
  • Continuous feedback from the client improves the product’s quality.
  • The team starts getting closer because of open communication and continuous feedback.
  • The team’s morale was boosted, which resulted in confident deliverables.

How has QuickScrum improved your day-to-day life?

IconFlux has nearly 50 employees. We are not limited to one or two specific technologies; rather, we deploy a wide range of the latest technology tools for the perfect outcomes. You’re assured of all sorts of services under one roof, whether it is a requirement for front end design, back-end development, elucidation of business structure, or an efficient workflow in place. Many of our customers are tier one businesses.

IconFlux appreciates the switch to Agile methodology. Project status tracking became easy and transparent across the organization. The client expressed their contentment with their receipt of quality project deliverables.

Following are the recognizable benefits of using QuickScrum:

  • The preparation time for executive reports has been reduced by 30%.
  • Achieved transparency in the status of project progress.
  • Resource workload gadgets led to better resource utilization.
  • Sufficient time for System Engineering