Agile for Project Management

Agile for Project ManagementThe Agile framework offers reliable and productive project management processes for executing almost all kinds of projects - especially IT or software development related. While the majority may have heard about Agile and the advantages it offers, most individuals might be unaware about the actual benefits they can derive by using Agile... Read More

How SAFe Scales – Economics and Technical Aspects

How SAFe Scales - Economics and Technical AspectsThis writes up takes a dive into the economic, project management and technical aspects of SAFe's Program and Portfolio Management levels. How organizations can develop value streams or programs, that can help teams align towards a common mission and deliver early business value on a sustained basis while... Read More

Agile Implementation Issues Faced By Startups

Agile Implementation Issues Faced By StartupsMany projects run into difficulties and fail to deliver the goals due to project management related issues, development concerns or inability to prioritize and deliver valuable productivity to clients in time.Projects having a clearly defined scope and nature of deliverables are easier to execute and deliver as the team is... Read More