Defect Backlog Quick Tour

  • 00:06Add a defect
  • 00:13Prioritize defect
  • 00:35Manage defect
  • 01:32Column configuration
  • 01:41Advance search
  • 02:02Export to Excel

A defect backlog is the prioritized list of all the defects based on the business value & priority.

To access defect backlog, go to backlog and select Defect Backlog.

On defect backlog page you will be able to view list of all existing defects on left and Advance search functionality on right.

Configure Columns

On a defect backlog you’ll able to see list of all defect stories. User will able to see the list view categorized in story name, story code, priority and estimation point by default. If a user wants to view along with other fields such as progress, sprint, resource, no. of task etc. they can click on Configure Columns icon button and select the field they want to view in as shown below.


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