GitLab Integration

To integrate QuickScrum with your GitLab repository,

1. Click on Admin and select Project Admin.

2. Select Integration tab from the options on extreme left.

3. Click on GitLab

4. Enter URL, Application ID & Secret ID.

Here, URL will be URL of your GitLab account.

Application ID & Secret ID needs to be generated.

To generate your Application ID & Secret ID,

           Go to your GitLab account and Sign in.

– Go to Profile dropdown and click on Settings.

– Select Applications tab as shown below.

– Give appropriate name.
– Enter Redirect URL as This is pre-generated Redirect URL for QuickScrum.
– Tick the option “api Access your API”
– Click on Save application.

– Once you save Application ID & Secret ID would be generated.

– Copy both Application ID & Secret ID and paste in QuickScrum’s GitLab integration settings.

5. Click on Connect.

Once you Connect, the next step is to add your GitLab repositories from the dropdown as shown below.

After adding GitLab repository/ies click on Active. Once you click on Active the GitLab tab would be reflected in Story and task as shown below.

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