Workitem Resolution

If you are having the access rights of workitem configuration, then you will able to add/remove workitem resolution.

To configure workitem,

1. Click on Admin on right-hand side of the header.

2. Select Company Admin.

3. Click on Workitem Configuration.

Add Workitem Resolution

To add a workitem resolution,

1. Click on Add Resolution.

2. Give an appropriate name.
3. Click on Save.

Edit Workitem Resolution

To edit resolution,

1. Click on resolution Name of the resolution you want to edit.

2. By clicking outside the edit box would save automatically.

Archive Workitem Resolution

To Archive resolution,

1. Click on Delete icon.

2. Clicking on confirmation would open pop up of Archive.

To restore resolution again,

1. Click on Archive Button.

2. Click on Restore icon next to the resolution you want to restore.

3. Click on confirmation to Restore.

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