How to Manage Project for Successful Deliveries?

How to Manage Project for Successful Deliveries?

If you are a project manager who is responsible for a large team, then chances are that you are knee-deep in memos, emails, and client calls.

Handling a project is tough, it is equally tough to handle a large team. With tons of skillful resources at your hand, it is challenging to manage individuals whilst maintaining the quality of work, doesn’t it? A lack of organisation can hamper even the smallest of projects with it’s moving parts.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be great if you could divide the project into parts?

Before we dive into the ‘​how to’ of project management​, let’s understand the fundamentals of  a project first.

Goal- ​The goal of the project defines the need for it.

Team- ​Your team is the backbone of the project.

Timeframe – ​A time frame gives you necessary boundaries and helps a team to follow the plan  of action.

Quality-​ This can make or break your proposal.


The Process of Project Management

The Process of Project Management


This is the first step of a project. An idea is given birth through in-depth discussions, and goals are set. You need to pre-decide the value proposition, desired outcomes and USP of the project.

Planning and Organising

Planning takes place before the work is initiated. You need a fool-proof plan of action because you will have to set goals, ​manage the project team​, set timelines, monitor tasks, conduct timely meetings and so on. This is the phase where you plan the project from ​start to finish​.


Once you have the plan set, it’s time to begin the execution. This phase demands thorough scrutiny to ensure that the plan is being followed. What matters here is that you avoid glitches.


Monitoring the projects daily will keep you in the loop about new developments. There may be times when the plan of action may get altered or discarded, in these situations, it’s best to make simultaneous decisions that can benefit the project as well as the team. This can be done by timely monitoring.


Closing the project means that you have met the objectives, delivered the quality, wrapped up the processes and have a happy client in your list.


How To Manage Projects Effectively

How to Manage Project Effectively

Convey the project brief

There’s nothing worse than an ill-briefed project. You and your team need to work in harmony to deliver the desired outcomes. Ensure that your team is on the same page about objectives and outputs.

Divide your team and set goals for them

When you have endless resources at your hand, you can easily manage them through strategic division. Divide your team into mini-departments based on their skill-sets and set goals for each team to work on.

Communicate from time to time

As a project manager, you are the leader of your team. Your main job is literally communication, therefore, keep your team engaged daily, be proactive and help them whenever you can, suggest alternatives and have a problem-solution outlook to things. Lead with an example rather than commands.

Keep an eye on the progress

When you’re in the middle of everything, you lose track. Keep an eye on each team’s progress. Understand the requirements and identify risks and try to avoid them through proper decision-making.


How can we help?

How can we help?

At QuickScrum, we understand the problems of in-effective team management from its very roots. This problem limits your organisation’s productivity and leads to employee disdain and in turn, affects your projects.

In our endeavour to eradicate this problem, we came up with a solution through agile methodology.

Our Agile Project Management Tool allows you to virtually manage your projects by breaking down the fundamentals of project management.

  • Set goals for your team
  • Define roles and objectives
  • Assign and manage resources wisely
  • Set timelines, tasks and delivery goals
  • Get an overview of your overall projects through a single dashboard
  • Catch up on backlogs, set sprint goals and retrospect on team performance
  • Collaborate within departments virtually and with ease
  • Stay updated with daily progress through timesheet

A few clicks in Quickscrum can leave you with a happy and satisfied client.