Jira vs. Quickscrum

Which One is Right for You?


Jira vs. Quickscrum


7 $ /user/month

3 $ /user/month

Free Onboarding Training

Premium Support over Skype, Call, Zoom

3 hrs Free Agile Coaching / Month for all Accounts

Product is Designed Based on Agile Fundamentals

Product Roadmap

Engineering Focused

Enterprise Focused

Integrated Enterprise Platform

Plug-in cost extra

All in one

Product Backlog

Add/Edit/Delete workitem

Create N-Level hierarchy

View N-Level hierarchy

Configure list columns

Prioritize by drag and drop

Move to Top

Move to Bottom

Move to Specific Location

Defect Backlog

Add/Edit/Delete workitem

Configure list columns

Prioritize by drag and drop

Move to Top

Move to Bottom

Move to Specific Location


Block Story

Accept/Reject Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance Criteria


Estimate by Size

Configurable Workitem Layout

Split Story

Link Defects

Attach files


Change parent workitem



Time log

Due date revision


View Commits

Workitem flow

Coming soon

Forward Email

Coming soon

Reply to Email

Coming soon

Release Planning

Add Release

Can be managed

Plan Release

Can be managed

Start Release

Stop Release

Sprint Planning

Add Sprint

Start Sprint

Complete Sprint

Plan Sprint

Set Team Availability (In Hours)

Plan multiple sprints at a time

Carry forward uncompleted work to next sprint or backlog

Create Teams within a sprint

Task Board

Configure board lanes

Add story

Add Task in Board

Add sprint level defects in Board

Send sprint level defects to backlog

Start Timer

Plan Resourcewise Workload


Add Task

Estimate Required Efforts

Set Remaining Efforts Required

Attach files

Comment over Task

View Activities

Due Date Revision

Log Time

Start Timer

Kanban Board

Create board

Configure lanes

Set WIP Limit

Pull work in board


Log Efforts at Task and Story Level

Log Daily Efforts

Link efforts to story or task

Calendar view

Summary view

Billable Hours

Categorize Time Spent

File Management

View files attached to workitem in single location

Create N-level folders

Attach files by drop & drop

Download file

Scrum Board

Log stand-up hours

Impediment management

Availability Vs Assigned Work

Elapsed Time Vs Completed Work

Remaining Time vs Remaining Work

Current Velocity Vs Required Velocity

Individual workload summary

Team Retrospective

Log Improvemnts

Log Stop Doing

Log Continue Doing

Log Actions

Conver Action to Userstory & Plan in a sprint

Team Review

Log every sprint review

View all reviews


Single location for all support tickets

Receive tickets via email

Configure helpdesk workflow

Assign ticket to the development team

Track status

Archive ticket

View archive tickets

Resource Allocation

Track resource utilization

Allocate resource to one or more projects

Search resource availability by skills, departments, roles

Discussion Board

Create a Discussion Board

Invite Team Members

Comment over Board

Notify to Team Members

Attach files to Board


Create dashboard

Add gagdets

Sprint Burndown Chart

Sprint Burn-up

Velocity Chart

Activity log

Resource Workload

Task Summary - My Task & Team Task

Release burndown Chart

Release burnup chart

Defect Trend

Defect arrival and kill rate

Lead time vs cycle time

Project health

Comment Notification

View all comments centrally

Reply to comment


User Management

Roles & Permission


Userstory Configuration

Task Configuration

Defect Configuration

Worktype Configuration

Helpdesk Workflow

Skill Management







Google Drive



Open API



Acceptance Criteria Rejection Report

Must be configured

Defect Report

Must be configured

Work Ageing Report

Must be configured

Work In Progress

Must be configured

Sprint Health

Must be configured

Time Tracker

Must be configured

Project Health

Must be configured

User Story Type Wise

Must be configured

Task Type Wise

Must be configured

Bug Report – Category Wise

Must be configured

Resource Log Effort

Must be configured

Due Date Report

Must be configured

Sprint Summary

Must be configured

Resource Performance

Must be configured

Daily Task Progress

Must be configured

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