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What is pipe?

Pipe is to be seen as a container which holds backlog of a single team or individual. You can add n-lanes within a pipe. It is accessible from the project menu itself and is displayed under a project. It can also be viewed in list, board and timeline view. We are also evaluating possibility to add time log, file and discussion at this level thus making it as a workspace for a team or individual.

One workitem can be placed across multiple pipes. It can be used for grooming, analysis, quality assurance, deliverable  or any kind of work collaboration.

Access pipe

Pipe can be opened from left top project menu only. It is show just under the project it is part of as shown in image below.

Pipe board view

Pipe board view displays pipe backlog as a board. Pipe lanes are configurable and can be configured as needed. We are also working on advanced workflow rule which will helps you to setup automation as needed.

Pipe list view

Pipe list view displays backlog as a list view. It also helps you to prioritize workitem by drag and drop.

Pipe timeline view

Pipe timeline view is similar to gantt chart. It helps teams to set start date, end date and dependencies of every individual workitem visually. It gives clear vision to the team for better execution.

Assign workitem to pipes

The workitem can be assigned to multiple pipes within a project.

Workitem flow

Workitem flow shows total number of days item has stayed in every individual lane as shown in image below. It helps team to identify the reason of delay in execution.

Pipe speed

Pipe speed gadget shows average time every individual lane takes for the execution.