Comment on Workitem

Comment over a workitem is extremely useful when you want to discuss over a specific workitem with your team members. Team members get notification via desktop popup and email.

To comment over a workitem,

1. Click on Edit in action menu.

2. Click on the Comments tab.

3. Write a comment & press an enter key. Comment will be posted over a workitem.

Comment To a Specific User

You can write comment targeted to one or more users using @ symbol. Targeted users get notified via desktop popup and email.

For example, if you want to write a comment targeted to Adam Diaz, then write @Adam Diaz. Adam will be notified via desktop popup and email.

Comment To All

1. When you write a comment without using @, all members receive email notification.

View Comments

To read all comments,

1. Login to your Quickwork account

2. Click on the Bell icon on the right top