Complete Timebox

Timebox represent a fixed duration of time which helps the team to set goal and action plan to achieve it. It keeps the team focused and aligns their actions.

It’s up to the team to decide the duration of the timebox.  It may start from 1 week to few weeks. The team which follows scrum framework keeps timebox duration from 1 to 4 weeks maximum.

It’s advisable to get together with all team members on last of the timebox and mark timebox as completed. During this session, the team can also discuss,

  • How the team performed during that timebox?
  • What can the team do better next time?
  • Review how much work has been completed vs planned.

To Complete the Timebox,

1. Click on the action menu of a specific timebox
2. Click on Complete Timebox

3. All uncompleted workitems within the timebox will be displayed in a popup. You can perform any of the following actions,

a.  Move uncompleted workitems to the backlog.

b.  Move uncompleted workitems to any upcoming timebox.