Customize Workflow

Quickwork is one of the most effective work management solution, to help teams to Collaborate BetterAchieve Goals and Improve Continuously.

Workitem is a basic workable entity on which team works on day to day basis to achieve a specific goal. It can be Story for Scrum Team, Defect for Testing Team, Campaign for Marketing Team, Lead for Sales Team.

Every team requires a different workflows based on their own needs. The workflow lanes in a board are completely configurable. Quickwork provides completely customizable workflow. By default, three lanes are provided – To Do, In Progress and Completed.

Add Workflow Lane

1. Click on Board available on the header. If Board view is not available on the header, you can go to Gallery and add it.

2. Click on the Action Menu and select Workflow.

3. Click on Add a Lane to create a new lane.

4. Write down the Workflow Lane Title. It will be saved automatically.

5. Select the color from the workflow lane to set the colour of all the workitems, that belongs to the following Workflow (Workitem status).

Change Workflow Lane Order

To change a workflow lane order,

1. Place a mouse cursor over a workflow lane & drag it.

2. Drop a workflow lane in a specific location. It will be saved automatically.