Filter Timeline

Quickwork Timeline view allows to create project plans which allows to schedule your work and complete it within the planned duration. This view reveals the bird’s eye view of the backlog workitems from the project, where you can see the work duration as per its estimate. You can view the workitem deadlines and identify any occurred problems. It also includes the workitems dependency to get more clarity about the work. The timeline view consists of all the workitems from the backlog, the filters are used to search over the workitems.

Quick Search

Quick search displays all workitems having their name matched fully or partially to the search text.

Advanced Search

To search over workitems by specifying the multiple search criteria,

1. Click on the Add Filter button. It displays all filters available within that view. You can add the filters such as Assigned to, Priority, Timebox, and Tags etc.

2. To remove a filter, place the mouse cursor on a filter and click on the symbol.

3. Select the filter values and click on the Apply Filter button. It will display all workitems match to the selected search criteria.

4. To remove the selected filter values click on the Reset icon.