Manage Workitem

Backlog represents all workitems within a single project. Workitem is a basic workable entity on which team works on day to day basis to achieve a specific goal. It can be Story for Scrum Team, Defect for Testing Team, Campaign for Marketing Team, Lead for Sales Team.

To manage workitems,

1. Click on List view that is available in the header.

2. If List view is not available in the left menu, you can go to Gallery and add the List view from there.

Prioritize Workitem

To prioritize a workitem,

1. Place a mouse cursor over a workitem.

2. Drag a workitem and drop it over a place you want to keep.

Edit Workitem

To edit a workitem,

1. Click on Edit in action menu.

2.  Do the required changes and it will automatically be saved immediately on change.

Bulk Edit

To do an action over multiple workitems,

1. Two ways to select multiple workitems,

a. Press Shift & select multiple workitems at a time.
b. Press Ctrl & select workitems one by one.

2. Following selection of workitems, Action menu appears on the top. Few quick input options are directly available. You can also access more input options by clicking on Edit.

3. The popup appears on click of Edit. Do require changes and it will be applied to all selected workitems.

Delete Workitem

To delete a workitem,

1. Click on Delete in action menu.

2. Click on Confirm to give confirmation to delete the workitem.