Product Terminology

  • Workitem: Workitem is a basic workable entity on which team works on day to day basis to achieve a specific goal. It can be considered as a User Story for Scrum Team, Defect for Testing Team, Campaign for Marketing Team, Lead for Sales Team.
  • Subitem: Subitem is a workable sub-entity that is divided from the workitem. It is commonly known as the Task worldwide. In order to complete a workitem, it is required to complete all their belonging subitems.
  • Timebox: Timebox represents a fixed time duration which helps the team to Set goal, Plan Workitems and Track Progress. Quickwork provides the feature to explicitly start and complete the timebox. It keeps the team focused and aligned for their actions. It can be considered as a Milestone for traditional project management or Sprint for Scrum Team.
  • Timelog: Timelog represents all the work efforts performed by an individual team member, it is also known as a Timesheet.
  • User: Any individual who is part of your organization is known as the User.
  • Project User: The User who is part of a single team and working on a common goal within a certain duration (sometimes known as Project) is Project User.
  • Archived Timebox: Archived timebox represents all the completed timeboxes. Once timebox is completed it is marked as an archived.
  • Filter: Filter represents search criteria. The Quickwork provides extremely user-friendly and configurable filters for every view.