Set Workitem Estimated Size

To track the performance of the team and estimated delivery time, it’s mandatory to judge the size of a workitem. Since last few decades, the team used hours to estimate required efforts to complete the workitem. But they never deliver within an estimated amount of time. In reality, it’s not possible to judge the amount of time any team takes to deliver a workitem. It’s just called as a guestimation.

After many years of research, Agile practices brought the notion of judging the workitem in relative sizing. That helps the team to measure the completion rate by size. It proves to be the best practices than estimating it in hours. If you are new to this practice, refer to this guide for more details.

Quickwork provides Fibonacci series to estimate workitem size.

?,  0,  1,   2,   3,   5,   8,   13,   21,   34,   55,   89,   infinite

The Smaller value indicates small workitem size and the higher value indicates bigger workitem size.

There are two ways to set the workitem size,

  • Edit Workitem
  • Quick Edit

Edit Workitem

To set the estimated size of a workitem,

1. Click on Edit option.

2. Click on the Estimated Size dropdown list and set appropriate size.

Quick Edit

To set the estimated size from Quick Edit,

1. Click on Estimated Size of any workitem.

2. Set appropriate Estimated Size.