Account administration allows to set configuration for the Tags, that are used in each projects. Tagging a workitems facilitates all the users the ability to group and filter stories logically.

Users can create Tags like Client Requirements, Code Review, Training, Discussion required etc.. from the Tags section from Account administration and assign the workitems to those Tags. It allows to set the categorization in each workitems and later the user can easily select those tags from the filter search.

Quickwork also provides many colors while creating Tags to make this functionality more user friendly.

Add Tags

To add a Tag,

1. Click on display pic that is available on the right top corner. From the menu, click on Account Administration.

2. Click on the Tags from the Account Administration.

3. Click on Add button

4. Write down Tags name, select your preferable color and click on Save button.

Edit Tags

To edit a Tag,

1. Click on Edit in action menu.

2. Do the required changes and it will be automatically saved.

Delete Tags

To delete a Tag,

1. Click on Delete from the action menu.

2. Click on Confirm to give confirmation to delete Tags. If the tag is assigned to a workitem, then it will automatically be unassigned from those assigned workitems.

Search Tags

To search a Tags,

1. Type a Tag name.

2. Press an enter or click on the search icon.