Working Days

Quickwork is a work management tool used by clients globally. Every country has different working days and working hours per week. To make Quickwork a global solution, it has provided working days and working hours configuration.

Every company can set its own working days and working hours.

Set Working Days

Total Working days differs by country. For examples, France has 5 days/week while India has 6 days/ week.

To set working days,

1. Click on display pic that is available on the right top corner. From the menu, click on Account Administration.

2. Click on Account Configuration from the Account Administration.

3. In most of the western countries, working days are 5 days/week while some of the Asian countries have 6 days/ week. Set First day of week off and Second day of week off as per your choice and It will be automatically saved.

Set Working Hours

Total Working hours differ by country. For examples, France has 7 hrs/day while India has 8 hrs/ day.