Release 3.0

ON 14 MARCH 2020

Userstory Popup (Beta Version)

It’s been quite some time we have realized the slowness of our userstory popup. It’s the most frequently used part of the application. Last year, we have decided to completely re-develop it with absolutely new architecture and advanced technology. Our team is working hard to enhance every corner of the application. Have a look at the next Quickscrum 3.0 –

We are quite excited to release this new popup to you and expecting your feedback for the next improvements. It will be available only in new Scrum Board and Kanban Task Board for now. Our team will continue to work to roll it out throughout the application.

Higher Performance:

The new popup is extremely high in performance and takes just a few milliseconds to open up.

Single Click Save:

The field value gets immediately saved on change hence save button is removed.

Better User Experience:

Extremely slick and better user experience with the quick response time.

Removed Comment Tab:

Removed the comment tab and introduced the conversation section in the details tab for better collaboration.

Removed Attachment Tab:

Removed the attachment tab and introduced a new section in the details tab for the quick attachment – just by drag and drop over any part of the popup.

Added Acceptance Criteria Tab:

Introduced the new acceptance criteria tab for better management.

Changed Tag Location:

The tags are placed in the left part of the details tab instead of the right side for better usability.

We are working on many exciting enhancements to strengthen your internal processes and speed up your project deliveries.
Good luck and stay safe
Team Quickscrum

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