Release 3.11

ON 22 OCTOBER 2020

New List View

We have absolutely redesigned list view. At present we are introducing it in the Scrum board only. You can view your sprint backlog as a list too. It brings completely new user experience and high in performance.

Release note 3.11

Replaced old Scrum Board

We have brought new scrum board in front now. You will still be able to access old scrum board though.

Release note scrum board

Upcoming Board Enhancements

Zoom In/out

At a time, you want to view complete board at a glance, even by compromising text visibility. Zoom in/out does exactly that. You can set the zoom level as per your need and perform actions such as move workitems, open workitem popup etc.

Zoom In-out

Quick Card Resize

When there are many workitems exist on board, you need a way to reduce a clutter. Quick card resize gives you flexibility to view on what matters the most. We have designed three quick card resize modes,

  • Mode 1 – View text only
  • Mode 2 – View text and code
  • Mode 3 – View all detail

Plan Mode

To utilize complete screen area, we have decided to remove left (pull story) and right (archived story) fix panel. Instead we are introducing PLAN mode which remains off by default. To enable planning mode you can simply turn it on.

Plan Mode

Full Screen

Full screen permits you take full advantage of your screen and faciliate you to view maximum workitems.

full-screen mode

We are working on many exciting enhancements to strengthen your internal processes and speed up your project deliveries.
Good luck and stay safe
Team Quickscrum

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