Release 3.13


Hello Friends,

I am very excited to announce the launch of today’s release. It’s something we have been waiting since long to get done. We sincerely thank you so much for all your feedback. Let me just brief about where we are heading towards.

Quickscrum has designed its own three key pillars based on which our on-boarding sessions, product & best practices are designed. Our customer success team relentlessly helps our clients to be exceptionally successful using them as a north-star direction.

Following are the 3 Key pillars of the Quickscrum. Click here to know more about it.

  1. Increase Revenue
  2. Reduce Bench Size
  3. Accelerate the Project Execution

Though our innovation towards them will continue, we have launched following few highly valuable features today.

Get Resource Bench Size Summary

Whatever business you are in, if your majority of expenditure is employee salary then you need to keep eye on,

“How much of your enterprise resource capacity is not utilized?”

Our newly designed chart in resource scheduling can get this figure on a single click. It gives you great insights of reducing the operational waste.

Get Resource Bench Size Trend

Get how much of your enterprise resource capacity is not utilized over the period of last 12 months.

Get Resource Billability Summary

Most of the enterprises raise the invoices basis on the amount of hours spend for specific work to the client. Newly designed billability chart gives you visual comparision of enterprise capacity, scheduled hours, logged hours and billable hours.

Get Resource Billability Trend

Get how much of your enterprise resource capacity is billable over the period of last 12 months.

We are working on many exciting enhancements to strengthen your internal processes and speed up your project deliveries.
Good luck and stay safe
Team Quickscrum

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