Release 3.16


Hello Quickscrum Family,

We are approaching the year 2021. First of all, I wish you and your entire family Merry Christmas. May God brings lots of happiness, prosperity and healthiness to all of you.

We have achieved quite significant product improvements this year but assure you to make much more in 2021 to empower your entire team for exceptional success.

WIP Limit

The work in progress (WIP) limits set the maximum amount of workitems which can be placed within a single workflow lane. Limiting the amount of work in progress makes it easier to identify inefficiency in a team’s workflow. The Bottlenecks in a team’s delivery pipeline are clearly visible before a situation becomes serious. It also enforces the team to focus on the limited workitems at a time.

Kanban Resource Workload Summary

We have introduced a Resource Workload Summary inside the Kanban Task Board. You can view the following three key figures for every individual,

  • Assigned Work
  • Completed Work
  • Remaining Work

Thank you for reading in detail. Let’s keep achieving exceptional success for all of you.
Good luck and stay safe
Team Quickscrum

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