Release 3.17

ON 3 MARCH 2021

Configurable Default Task and Issue

We had lots of requests coming up to develop a configurable default task and issue. Earlier, there was only one task/issue getting created on the creation of the Workitem.

Our team has designed a solution to let you configure the default task and issue for every Workitem type. This can be configured within a project admin, so every project manager can set as per the project requirement.

Subitem Configuration

  • Step 1: Go to project admin => Subitem configuration
  • Step 2: Add a configuration

Left Menu

For ease of accessibility, we are introducing expandable Left Menu. This is just a beginning. We are absolutely re-desining the complete user experience to make every view accessible very quickly with much faster response time.

Thank you for reading in detail. Let’s keep achieving exceptional success for all of you.
Good luck and stay safe
Team Quickscrum

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