Release 3.4

ON 15 JUNE 2020

Enhanced experience of assigning board

We have moved board and lane dropdowns to the right part of popup to make it more understandable and separate it from the group of other fields. It can very easily be used as a custom status now. This change is a part of our work to assign a workitem to the multiple boards and projects which will be released in upcoming weeks.

Projects wise Consolidated Timesheet

We have introduced project wise view in consolidated timesheet. This will help you to view summary by projects. You can also export data into excel sheet. It displays scheduled hours, billable hours, logged hours and not logged hours.

Export Project Timesheet Summary

You can export complete project summary into excel sheet and share with anyone. It displays Project Name, Project Category, Scheduled hours, Billable Hours, Logged Hours, Logged Hours (%)

Export Resource Timesheet Summary

In the previous version, you could export resource logged efforts completely. But to get it summarize, you need to manually do it. Hence, we have introduced an additional sheet inside the exported excel to provide you the resource timesheet summary as well. It displays Employee Id, Resource Name, Department, Email Id, Working Hours, Scheduled Hours, Logged Hours, Billable Hours, Not Logged Hours and Logged Hours (%).

We are working on many exciting enhancements to strengthen your internal processes and speed up your project deliveries.
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