Quickwork works on the innovative process to extract things efficiently out of your team. Quickwork provides you with a platform to manage your tasks securely. It is truly as good as you make it. One such tool by Quickwork that simplifies all the tasks and files on one screen is Kanban Board.

Kanban board in simple terms is like your notice board, where the details of each and every ongoing or upcoming assignment can be easily monitored. It saves you from the rush of asking the project heads or searching through e-mail logs. Divided into customizable columns, Kanban Board gives you a visual overview of all tasks and helps you become more productive and focused. You can easily modify the columns as per your requirements. Also, you can drag and drop the tasks between the columns as per their status.

Therefore, you can say, Kanban board based project management would work best for your projects, where tasks need to go through various work stages before getting done.


  1. Sign in into your Quickwork account and create a new project, where you wish to work in Kanban – style management. Once you have created the project, select the solution type as Kanban.
  2. Now you will see a board, where you can view and create tasks under different boards. Once the tasks are created, you can click on the three dots on the top right of each task to edit them.
  3. Here, you can mention all the details involved, like the estimated size, priority of the tasks, status, subitems, comments, etc. Also, you can write down the dates for launch or project submission in the calendar.
  4. You can also attach the related files and add tags to make things more simplified.
  5. Once all of this is done and you are back on the board, you can apply the filter and see the tasks as per your desired view. You can create more kanban boards by adding new timeboxes. Kanplan is also included with the help of Planning section on Kanban view, where you can plan each workitems of your kanban board.
  6. If you want to have the list of all the assignments and the status of their progress you can open the backlog and again apply the filter and the estimated list will appear in detail. In this way, you can easily manage your new project and commit accordingly.
  7. With Quickwork, you can also monitor the kanban work using speed chart to analyse the work lead time and cycle time.

How to make use of the backlog?

  1. With backlogs, you can check the uncompleted tasks easily as the reports are available once you click on backlogs.
  2. You can customize the workflow for the smooth functioning of the project and assign a new user to complete the pending task. This will make sure that you meet your deadlines.
  3. You add new tasks at any moment by clicking on the add button. And with the drag and drop feature, you can assign it to the users already present on the project list and also move the tasks from one column to another.


  • With Kanban, you can manage all your assignments and projects on the same board.
  • It is recommended to mark the timebox with the priority setter to make sure your projects go well along the way.
  • Make use of the attach button to provide the members with additional information regarding the projects.
  • You can tag the project header by using create tags to set the reminder about key points.
  • With Quickwork, you can easily communicate with your team members without any trouble by simple using @membername.
  • Also, attach the feedback form on the new product launches so that the issues can be taken care more quickly and efficiently.

Having said all of the above, let Quickwork Kanban Board be your partner in everyday tasks and help you build a strong foundation.