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Map your existing processes to the kanban board, track progress visually, identify leackages, and improve continuously

Designed for Kanban Teams

Specialized Kanban tool designed keeping in mind all Kanban fundamentals.

View your entire product backlog in a single location. Manage and prioritize work by dragging and dropping. Learn more

Customize the workflow as per your needs and map your processes within a Kanban board. Learn more

Set WIP limit for every lane. Reduce the amount of "un-completed" work and improve the throughput. Learn more

Enlarge the board and make it fit into your entire screen. Learn more

Zoom out to get rid of the horizontal scrool bar and view entire board within your screen. Learn more

Track the amount of time taken from start to finish. Increase the team efficiency by make every individual answerable for the delay. Learn more

Export the board data into an Excel sheet. Learn more

More than just a Tool !

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All-In-One Scrum Tool

Get all scrum features within a single integrated tool.

Customer Success Manager

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Process Consulting & Coaching

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Customization and Integration

Ask our dedicated team of developers to customize and integrate Quickscrum as per your need

Data Migration

Our specialized data engineering team can help you to migrate data from your application to Quickscrum

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