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Digital kanban board for all teams

Enhance your team and enterprise level collaboration to deliver what matter most to your clients and increase client satisfaction


Kanban Board

Visualize all your work in a single digital kanban board. Map your existing processes, collaborate with team, identify bottleneck and keep improving.


Custom Workflow

Design any board that you can think of and flow your work just by simple drag and drop. Set work-in-progress limit to improve team focus.


Lead Cycle Time

Track lead and cycle time to analyze your workflow’s performance, optimize process efficiency and embrace continuos improvement.


WIP Limit

Set work-in-progress limit for every lane and enhance team focus to deliver uninterrupted


Shared Business Goal

Write business goal for every workflow lane, agree upon with all team members and act in the same direction to achieve

Not just a kanban board !

Resource Timesheet

Easy to put time efforts that your team members would love to log. Keep track of where do your team spend most of the time and increase billable hours.

Kanban Backlog

Organize all your work items centrally. View the entire product backlog in a single location. Manage and prioritize work just by drag and drop.

Resource Workload

Track the resource workload and plan efficiently to improve the resource utilization rate. Distribute work uniformly.

We don’t limit you to just a kanban board view

Toggle between story view, task view, matrix view and list view, visualize the work the way you want

Story View
Design the story workflow and flow them to deliver faster

Task View
Design task workflow, view story and tasks at a time

Matrix View
View all kanban board stories status wise in a matrix format

List View
View all kanban board stories in a list format

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“Quickscrum is an innovative tool that helps teams and enterprises to automate the existing business processes, visualize work progress, identify collaboration leakages, and improve continuously. This tool helps companies save precious time, money, and resources.”

Jane Cooper – CEO SomeCompany

“I would highly recommend them as a partner for your project. They have been very helpful, professional and quick to respond.”

John Doe – CEO SomeCompany

“Quickscrum has been really useful in developing our business as a whole. We have used it to help us identify areas where we can improve and to see what needs to be done next. It really helps us see everything that’s going on and it has helped us a lot.”

John Smith – CEO SomeCompany

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