Quickscrum Affiliate Program

Get up to 500$ commision on every conversion

Join the leading SaaS affiliate program to grow your earning.

How does it work

Become a Affiliate

Sign up for Quickscrum affiliate program and get a unique referral link


Place a Quickscrum banner on your website, Promote link through your blog, Promote Quickscrum to your clients network


Track your referral activities, commission earned and many more through Quickscrum affiliate portal

Get Flat Commission

(on each conversion)

1 to 10 Users = 100 $

11 to 50 Users = 200 $

50+ Users = 500 $

Can I be a Quickscrum Affiliate?

Join us to accelerate your revenue growth. Get flat revenue of each conversion.


Write blogs related to work management and get your traffic to quickscrum.com to earn high commission

Website Owners

Promote quickscrum banner over your website and earn high commission.

Community Admin

Let your community members know about quickscrum.com and grow your revenue rapidly.

Professional Trainers

Mention about quickscrum in your session and let attendees know about us.

Sales Consultants

Sell quickscrum to your client network and rapidly grow your revenue.


Implement quickscrum in your client network and earn high commission.


Am I eligible to be a Quickscrum Affiliate?

In General, there are no specific criteria to be a Quickscrum affiliate. Anyone, who is having own website, blogs, community, personal network or existing clients, can be a affiliate.

Even If you want to start your business from zero, it’s the best option. Our targeted audiences read content related to business, project management, productivity, teamwork, agile, process management etc.


What are the chances of my success?

You may start generating revenue from the first month if you have reached to the wider audience through higher traffic website, blog, community, existing clients or personal network.

If you are starting from scratch, it may take a while as you need to start generating sales leads.


How Quickscrum helps to increase my revenue?

Quickscrum team treats every individual affiliate as a part of the organization and support a lot as they are a fuel of our growth. We provide a complete platform to increase our affiliate’s revenue. You can earn up to following commission
1 to 10 Users = 100 $
11 to 50 Users = 200 $
50+ Users = 500 $


Is there any obligation if I terminate as a Affiliate?

No. You can terminate with us just by writing an email. The due commission will be paid to you.

Do you provide any materials for promotion?

Yes, we do provide banners in different languages. In case if the banner is not available in your language, we will create it within 3 working days. Please contact us to request for a banner.


How does my commission get paid?

Your commission gets paid by end of every month. We generally do the wire transfer to your bank account OR through Paypal.


Is there any fee to be a affiliate?

No. It’s absolutely free to be a affiliate. You don’t need to pay anything.


What happens when a client click on my unique referral link?

Quickscrum provides a unique referral link to every affiliate. When people click your link they get a 2 Years cookie which means that we will be able to identify them for 2 Years. If they start a trial any time during this period, we’ll be able to attribute this lead to you unless the cookie is cleared.

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