What is Resource Utilization

Resource Utilization

Resource utilization is a 360° view of your enterprise comparing planned vs actual utilization of resources in terms of hours and full time equivalent (FTE). You can get the comparision at portfolio, project and resource level.


You don’t need to configure anything to generate this view. Make sure that you are authorize to access it. If you are not, please contact your administrator.

Resource utilization is a single view showing four key figures,

  • Forecasted Efforts (Scheduled efforts)
  • Forecasted FTE (Scheduled FTE)
  • Actual Efforts
  • Actual FTE

Note: FTE – Full time equivalent. Click here to learn more about FTE.

Resource utilization has four level hierarchy

Level 1 – Portfolio (Project Category)

Level 2 – Project

Level 3 – Resource

Level 4 – Task

Level 5 – Effort

Who can use this view?

  • Portfolio Manager
  • Programme Manager
  • Anyone leading multiple projects

What key information to derive?

You can get the following key insights for better decision making and bringing a huge impact to your organizations’ profitability.

  • Get scheduled vs actual efforts at portfolio, project and resource level to understand whether you are
    overspending or underspending compare to planned efforts.

You will come across one of the following real life scenario,

  • Scenario 1: Forecasted Efforts < Actual Efforts (Team has spent an additional amount of efforts than the scheduled one)
  • i.e. Team has under estimated initial efforts or Project scope is changed later stage of the project.
  • Scenario 2: Forecasted Efforts > Actual Efforts (Team has spent less amount of efforts than scheduled one)
  • i.e. It shows that either, The management has overallocated resources by wrong estimated efforts required or The team has outperformed for the project completion.
  • Get full time equivalent for portfolio, project and resource level.
  • Calculate estimated budget vs spent budget for any portfolio or project using total hours or FTE value.