What Scrum Team Member Type are YOU?

What Scrum Team Member Type are YOU?

What Scrum Team Member Type ARE YOU?

We can relate these characters and strengths to other well-known teams to understand them better. Part of learning about Scrum is learning how to master the dynamics of teams in order to complete the Minimal Viable Product within the Sprint deadline.

The interactions that evolve when people are thrown together in our workshops can help you better understand how Scrum teams work and compare your ideas about your own skill set against others. Here are a few ‘Teams’ you may know to get you thinking. Which character do you think you would most be like?

Red Dwarf

A British Sci-Fi comedy based on a small Team trapped together in deep space with the last human alive. Each brings their own special skills to solve unique situations. Possible areas they excel in are:

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NameTimekeeperReturn On InvestmentDesignAnalyticsMorale booster

Star Wars

Set in a galaxy far far away, this team fight against the Dark side of the Force towards ‘A New Hope’…

©Lucasfilm Ltd

NameTimekeeperReturn On InvestmentDesignAnalyticsMorale booster
Luke SkywalkerYESYES
Princess LeiaYESYES


The DC comic superhero ‘Dark Knight’ with a team of devoted crime fighting members facing challenges in a City where trials and tribulations never sleep.

© Warner Bros

NameTimekeeperReturn On InvestmentDesignAnalyticsMorale booster
Commissioner GordonYESYESYESYES
Alfred PennyworthYESYESYES


Team dynamics are hardly ever mentioned in Scrum, yet they are a force of nature that evolves out of every team combination that has ever existed.

If the aim of Scrum teams is to work together to move forwards then these dynamic and powerful aspects need to be investigated thus cannot be ignored.

The Practical Scrum Workshops Total Immersion(C) allows newbie teams to test out their own emergent forces and gives them the opportunity to evolve and redirect them once identified.

Who do you most identify with?

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