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Product Backlog & Defect Backlog:

Group by Assignee

Check who is working on what, and what is status by grouping product backlog by user assignment.


Group by Priority

Check what is items by priority to know what is important next.

In-line Editing

Items without even opening, Save time by taking quick actions.

Bulk Action

Update all items at once. Take common action all together.

Save Views

Personalise quickscrum respective to your persona by saving filters as view.

Release Planning:

Workitem hierarchy

Any level item directly in the release, flexibility to plan epics to story in a single screen.

Bulk Action

Update all items at once. Take common action all together.

Completely New UXD

Quickscrum is introducing version 3.0 with a completely new experience.

Sprint Planning:

Workitem hierarchy

Know the hierarchy of any story before planning into the sprint to understand what goal is it going to resolve.

Bulk Action

Update all items at once. Take common action all together.

Completely New UXD

Quickscrum is introducing version 3.0 with a completely new experience.

Scrum Board:

Gantt Chart or Timeline View

Never miss deadlines, Plan your timeline on every story & task, always stay tune with task level progress.

Dependencies of Tasks

Consider blockings, and estimate timeline automatically with Gantt view.

Story Board - Group by Assignee

Visualise workload for each user on board.

Story Board - Group by Priority

Visualise workload by priority on board.

Media view

Identify items with attachments/images.

Gantt Chart or Timeline View

By Days

By Weeks

By Months

By Quarters

My Work:

Only focus on your assignments, stay tune with everyday assignments and update the status of tasks directly across the projects.

New Dashboard:

New personalized dashboard with more than 40 configurable gadgets.

Custom Status:

Customize the status of stories, defects or epic to make workflow more specific and accurate.


Workitem visible over multiple pipes

Flow work items with multiple boards and update status individually. Simplify any complex process with pipelines.

Identify collaboration leackages

Identify bottlenecks and take data-driven action by knowing which phase is taking more time.

Pre and post sprint workflow configuration

Flow work items from any process even before the start of after completion. Maintain end to end item life cycle using pipes.

New Layout:

Left Menu

Starred Item

Mark your projects or pipes as favourite.

Customize Menu

Personalize menus based on your persona.

New Project Setting

Solution Gallery:

Predefined library for multi-purpose views.

Portfolio Management:

Cross Project Backlog

You don’t have to involve yourself on task level execution, Check progress across the projects using cross-project backlog in portfolio management.

Epic Timeline - By Days

Epic Timeline - By Weeks

Epic Timeline - By Months

Epic Timeline - By Quarters

Epic Board Group by - Assignee

Epic Board Group by - Priority

Epic Board Group by - Estimation Point

Epic Board Group by - Status

Epic Board Group by - Business Value

Test Case Management:

QA can manage test cases by maintaining status & version of test cases for each item.

You have possibility to change the card background color for each workflow lane.

New Impediments:

Impediments List view

Impediments Board view

Resolve impediments with the process, execute impediments in quickscrum board.

New Files:

List View

Bulk Action

Share Files

Share files with colleagues or customers by a quick share option.

Secure Folder

Set folder or file base permissions to restrict unauthorized actions.

New Discussion Board:

Company level discussion board

Now discuss company topics in a centralized way, create discussion topics on the company level.

New Standup Board:

Custom Notification Center:

Stay updated and stay focus at the same time by configuring custom notifications.

Advance Workflow Rule:

Automate repetitive tasks and make your process smarter by configuring advanced rules.