The Who, What, Where, When and How To Project Management

The Who, What, Where, When and How To Project Management

“Expect the best, plan for the worst and prepare to be surprised” – Denis Waitley, Motivational Speaker

Let’s be honest, management isn’t a task. It’s a skill that is required to fulfil consequential goals and this skill is undoubtedly crucial for project management.

It doesn’t matter if the project you are handling is big, small, or mediocre. What matters is that you know the process of planning, organising, implementing, and monitoring the project. It is a process which is created and executed to meet certain goals. Therefore, even if you may not officially be a project manager, you may have the duty of being one.

As a company, we understand the need to make this process simpler and smoother and this can only be done by understanding the fundamentals. In this guide to project management, we will discuss the Who, What, When, Where, How to project management.


WHAT is your Goal?

WHAT is your goal?

The beginning of project management always ends with a goal. When ideas come together, you are left with a potential one that can fulfil business needs. Hence, fleshing out your goals can go a long way to plan a process. Aligning your goal with process implementation can help you stay on track. Everything that you do must meet the bottom-line in a successful manner and this can be achieved with the help of your team through skill allocation, time management, and effective communication.


WHO is Going to Help you Achieve it?

WHO is going to help you achieve it?

The backbone of any project is your resources a.k.a your team. Resource management is as important as having a clear process. There are various methods that are used for allocating resources and in the case of project management, you may have to deal with human resources and the most used method for management here is task allocation based on skill.

For skill allocation, what matters is a resource management tool that can help you keep a database. Many organisations rely on ad hoc methods like spreadsheets to maintain that but it obviously has its own limitations. We would highly suggest you rely on sophisticated project management software for better resource utilization, collaborations, and task allocations.


WHEN do you have to Deliver?

WHEN do you have to deliver?

This defines the timeline of your project. Every project has to go through 5 phases until completion:

  • The initiation phase- where ideas are conceived
  • The planning phase – where you organise and structure the process
  • The execution phase- where you begin the implementation of the plan
  • The monitoring and controlling phase- where you monitor the process and control quality
  • The closure/ending phase- where you close the project and wrap up the process

This is one of the most crucial fundamentals when learning ‘how to project management’. You need to phase your timeline in an optimized way. Your timelines must ensure that your team gets an ample amount of time to work on tasks while still making deliveries without delay. This is especially critical if you have limited human resources.


WHERE does your Potential Lie?

WHERE does your potential lie?

This point focuses on the methodology that will enable you and your team to unlock their potential. Project management is usually done via the following methodologies:

  1. Top-down method: As the name suggests, this is a hierarchical method that works in sequence until the project is deliverable at the bottom level. It’s a traditional method that is still being used by organisations, however, it’s effectiveness is yet to be proven.
  2. Agile Process: Since 2001, the Agile methodology changed the nuances of project management. By focusing on individual interactions, technology, customer collaboration, and spontaneous change, it has unlocked underlying potentials. The most popular frameworks used in Agile are Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, and Adaptive Project Framework.
  3. Other methods: Includes business-centric methods like the change methods, six sigma, benefits realization, etc.


HOW will you Achieve it?

HOW will you achieve it?

In the era of digital solutions, it has become imperative to rely on software and technology for optimal management. You may have a fool-proof plan, endless human resources and talent, cutting edge time management skills, and distinguished controlling methods but managing everything at once can become challenging even for the most ambitious project managers.

There are endless project management software out there to assist you in your endeavour and it is only important to find the one that best suits your organisation’s needs.

Quickscrum was created for this exact purpose. By adapting the Agile Framework, we have created an extensive, feature-driven project management tool with a friendly interface to help you manage all your projects in an effective and optimized way.

Manage your resources, assign tasks, and collaborate with ease. Quickscrum lets you set and review timelines, clear backlogs, and helps you to complete deliveries of the project while keeping your team focused and efficient through useful tools.

Unlock project management efficiency through QuickScrum.

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