Workitem Type

User can add workitem types and can also configure and customize existing and newly added workitem types. By default there will be three workitem types i.e. Story, Epic, and Defect.

To add a new workitem type,

1. Click on the Add Type button.

2. Fill in the required information.

3. Select a system-generated icon.

4. Click on Save.

Users can’t delete system generated workitem types, but you can delete your own created types. To delete your own created types click on Delete icon as shown below.


Workitem Type Name:

Name the workitem type you have added. For instance: Major Bug.

Workitem Code:

Write down the appropriate code for the newly added workitem type. Code helps you to search your workitem type directly from the list of stories in the product backlog. Workitem Code can be of only two characters. For instance: If a user has created a new type as Major Defect, workitem Code can be MD.

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