Refund Policy

QuickScrum offers several types of services on the website. Such services may also include purchase of products, services offered by registrant, training events, workshops, and other such packages or products. 

In the event you subscribe or buy any such service(s) or product(s) made available on QuickScrum, you shall pay or redeem the full amount as stated in the post, advertisement, product, or service made available on QuickScrum. 

Moreover, QuickScrum also offers certain paid services on the website. In the event you subscribe to, or make use of, any such service(s) offered by QuickScrum, you shall agree to pay the full amount, in addition to any applicable government tax(es) to QuickScrum. 

The fees, or amount paid by you to QuickScrum in lieu of any such service(s) offered by QuickScrum is non-refundable, and QuickScrum holds the right to refuse refunding any fees or amount paid by you to QuickScrum in the event you fail to use such service(s) or fail to benefit by subscribing or using such service(s).

For all payments done by you to QuickScrum, you shall receive an electronic version or an “e-notice” regarding the confirmation of your payment. Such payments made by you may incur government or professional tax levied by the legal authorities in your country and you shall be liable to pay such tax(es) as so specified. 

You have the right to upgrade or degrade your QuickScrum account as and when you desire. Moreover, the amount specified for the service(s) or product(s) advertised or promoted on QuickScrum by any member, registrant, or user on QuickScrum may change or get updated at the sole discretion of the said member. 

QuickScrum does not hold itself accountable or responsible for, in any way or manner, for such changes made in the post or advertisement concerning such service(s) or product(s).