Frequently Asked Questions

You can access Quickscrum as a cloud application or deploy it locally on your server. Please visit the pricing page to get a detailed overview about various plans available.

No. We offer a fully functional 7 days free trial on all plans. During the trial you can test the tool and verify if it’s right for you. You don’t need a credit card to sign up and there are no hidden charges, obligations, or risks.

Yes, you can upgrade your free trial to a paid plan and you can still access your data after you upgrade.

No. You don’t have to provide your credit card details to sign up. You’ll be able to access a fully functional account with all the features for 7 days after you register. We won’t charge you during the trial period. However, at the end of the trial period you’ll have an option to enter your credit card information to continue with the tool access, or you can downgrade to the free plan.

We will bill you once each month as per the number of users registered in your account at that time. You will be charged according to the number of users active in your account each month. You can add or remove users at any time, without having to change your subscription.

Yes, you can sign up for a yearly subscription instead of the monthly subscription if you desire. The yearly subscription is for a selected number of users. You are required to make the payment upfront for the entire year via bank transfer facilities or credit card.

No, the cost shall remain the same regardless of the number of users using the tool. However, you can avail a discount if you register for a yearly subscription. Currently, we don’t have discounts for monthly subscriptions.

No. Quickscrum offers pay-as-you-go services for the tool. You don’t have to sign any long term contracts or offer any commitments. You simply pay each month as long as you use the tool.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We don’t accept PayPal. For customers subscribing to enterprise plans we offer annual invoiced billing.

Yes. You can cancel your subscription or account at any time. If you chose to cancel we will stop billing you with immediate effect. To cancel your account send us an email and we’ll terminate your account within 24 working hours.

Yes, if you’re an Agile or Scrum trainer, or a coach, you can avail a free subscription. Please contact us if you need specific details.

We’ll notify you through emails if we have scheduled any maintenance activity or we’re planning to release new features. You can configure the notifications in your personal account page by accessing the settings option in Quickscrum. We also post maintenance and downtime issues on social media sites like Twitter. We’ll also post an update regarding any releases in our blog section.

Yes, Quickscrum complies with all requirements and best practices for secure credit card processing. Quickscrum is certified by and complies with PCI DSS standards. Moreover, our online payment processes are regularly scanned by Security Metrics. Your credit card information is kept safe and stored in a highly secure manner using latest encryption technologies. All transactions are processed by Cyber Source and Braintree – Two of the world’s leading payment gateway service providers and owned by Visa and PayPal.

We provide 7 days of trial period to try out our tool. You don’t require to provide any credit card details for the same. As per our policy, We don’t provide refund once purchase is made. In case of any double payments or transaction failure we will refund your payment through same mode within 10 working days.

Quickscrum is designed to work best with Firefox 1.0 and higher, Internet Explorer 6 and higher, Opera 9.5 and higher, Safari 3.1 and higher, and Chrome 1 and higher. To get the best user experience we advise using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. Regardless of what browser you use, you still need to have cookies and JavaScript options enabled.

Our servers are protected by biometric locks and undergo 24 hours surveillance. We run the latest stable releases of the operating system on our servers and databases software too. All software we use is continuously monitored for security related issues, and is regularly updated with the latest security patches. All communications between you and our servers are encrypted with SSL on all Quickscrum plans except for the free plan. All sensitive data like passwords in the database is encrypted/one-way-hashed as appropriate. We also replicate and maintain our on-site versions on a separate standby server and periodically encrypt all off-site backups.

QuickScrum is highly secure and ensures full privacy of your data. QuickScrum is hosted on a fully secured and firewalled production environment at Azure Cloud. We implement all best practices and security measures to protect your data. All communication on or through QuickScrum is done via HTTPS – Your password never leaves your own machine and your data never leaves Amazon AWS in any way or manner when a user in your account logs in and accesses QuickScrum. Also, even at the software development level, multiple levels of protection have been built into QuickScrum to prevent anybody from accessing unauthorized data, including accessing the tool with a malicious intent. This includes complete checks of authentication, authorization, and validity of all requests made to QuickScrum servers. Moreover, it includes server-side low-level protection mechanisms that prevents access to data in other accounts, even in case of software errors at higher levels.

The terms of service and privacy policy can be accessed from the footer portion of any page on Quickscrum.

You can ask questions or offer any feedback by sending an email. Our QuickScrum team representative will resolve your queries and provide useful answers within a few working hours.

We provide free support via email. In many cases, you’ll have an answer within an hour. Just send us your concern at email  and we’ll get back to you soon. We also provide live chat support during business hours in the United States and Europe.

Typically every two to three weeks. You’ll receive updates if you’ve configured your account to receive updates and notifications.