Terms Of Service

01. Introduction

Bharti Consulting Services SARL (www.quickscrum.com) is an ISO 9001-2008 certified IT service provider having its headquarters in India – 261 GIDC Makarpura, BOB Lane, Vadodara – 390011, Gujarat, India. QuickScrum is a brand owned by Bharti Consulting Services SARL. QuickScrum offers wide ranging Scrum services including Scrum coaching, training, and finding Scrum jobs posted by top Scrum employers from across the world. The community forum offers a chance to interact with top Scrum experts who have many years of experience training and coaching top level company managements in Scrum. The QuickScrum community is composed of Scrum coaches, trainers, product owners, scrum masters, certified Scrum professionals, developers, testers, beginners, experts, employers, and Scrummers worldwide. The Scrum tool offers many features which make project development effective and reliable. Project managers can dynamically monitor the productivity levels of development teams and track the project status.


In the terms of service mentioned herein, “You” means only you, the person, accessing this website and “We” or “Us” refers to the QuickScrum website.


02. Description of QuickScrum

QuickScrum is a Scrum service provider company website offering total Scrum based solutions for all individuals and people connected with the understanding, learning, and implementation aspects of Scrum Framework. The website presents a proven way to accelerate growth by delivering top quality products fulfilling stringent quality checks on a consistent basis to clients worldwide based upon their unique business or personal requirements. The core Scrum services offered by QuickScrum are Scrum tools, Scrum coaching, Scrum training, hosting and participating in Scrum events, interacting with top Scrum professionals and experts in the community forum, and finding Scrum employment. Companies and employers can post their job related requirements on QuickScrum. The QuickScrum website features rapid and exponential growth, and thus provides unlimited opportunities for all Scrummers to enhance their careers and benefit from Scrum associated activities – Worldwide. Even though most of the services on QuickScrum are absolutely free, including the access of Scrum knowledgebase, a few specialised services are chargeable. QuickScrum charges are highly affordable.


03. Registration

When you register your account or profile on QuickScrum, You shall agree to provide all mandatory information, including your personal details and a valid email address. As a part of registration process, You shall select a unique user name and password. QuickScrum strongly advises against sharing your user name and password with any person or entity. You are solely responsible for creating and maintaining your QuickScrum account. In the event you share your account with any party(ies) in any way or manner deemed illegal or improper, or considered inappropriate as per the Terms and Conditions stated herein, QuickScrum at its sole discretion may temporarily or permanently ban your access on the website. If you choose to register as a Coach, Trainer or a Scrum expert on QuickScrum, You may be required to provide additional information pertaining to your profile and activity on QuickScrum. You can terminate your QuickScrum account or profile at any time by mailing us your account termination request at info@quickscrum.com. While registering as a Coach and/or a Trainer, your access and activity on QuickScrum shall be governed by additional terms and conditions made available on a separate page or section.


04. Agreement

By using the services offered on QuickScrum, you agree to comply with these Terms Of Service. Additionally, when using or accessing a portion of any of the services made available on QuickScrum, you agree to conform to any applicable posted guidelines for such services, which may change from time to time. You understand and shall agree that you are solely responsible for reviewing these Terms Of Service from time to time. Should you object to any term or condition of these Terms Of Service stated herein, any guideline, or any subsequent changes thereto or become unhappy with QuickScrum in any way, your only choice is to immediately discontinue use of QuickScrum website and stop accessing it in any way or manner. These Terms Of Service may be updated by QuickScrum at any time at the website owner’s sole discretion.

You shall agree to abide by these Terms Of Service when you sign up, log in, visit, register, access, or use the services offered on QuickScrum. By agreeing to these Terms Of Service You shall consent to be legally bound to a legal agreement (Even if you are representing any company, or using the QuickScrum account on behalf of the said company). This agreement includes, and enforces this legal agreement and the privacy policy. If you do not choose to agree to these Terms Of Service, legal agreement, or user policy You shall discontinue using or accessing QuickScrum in any way or manner and stop using any services offered on the website.

In addition, these Terms Of Service, legal agreement, and user policy are applicable to all individuals registering on QuickScrum. Moreover, these Terms Of Service, legal agreement, and user policy are also applicable to all Scrum Tool users subscribing to the Cloud (SaaS) version as well as the locally deployable version of the tool. QuickScrum furthermore indemnifies itself from any legal obligations and financial compensations in the event any of the services provided on the website are not made available for a particular instance of time, or for prolonged durations owing to technical reasons, or any other reasons.

You shall be of legal age and agree to abide by the laws governing the country You reside in. Moreover, QuickScrum is not to be held responsible for any contents, information, or details posted on the website by any member(s). QuickScrum also holds the right to terminate the account, services, and access made available to any individual(s) at its sole discretion.

You shall agree not to resale, sell, crop, reproduce, replace, or trade any services made available on the QuickScrum website.


05. Contents submitted to QuickScrum

Even though QuickScrum allows individuals using the website to share content, information, text, images, graphics, videos, personal listings, posting, and any other type of information, it is not responsible for the validity, authenticity, or legitimacy of any content posted on the website. The individual posting the contents, or making them available on the website is solely responsible for the validity, authenticity, or legitimacy of any contents made available on the website by him or her. In addition, QuickScrum holds the right to change, copy, store, modify, remove, or delete any contents on the website at its sole discretion, and without any obligation to issue any prior notice(s) or warning(s).


06. Registration

Your QuickScrum account belongs to You and only You. You shall provide your real name(s) and correct information at the time of registering your account or profile on QuickScrum. Moreover, your name(s) and other information provided by You shall be legal, authentic, and verifiable as per the laws applicable in the country you reside in. You shall be solely responsible for creating, updating, or sharing your account related details on QuickScrum. In the event QuickScrum blocks, or disables any of the services made available on the website, to You, You shall not create any other account(s) or profile(s) on QuickScrum without our written and prior permission. In addition, You shall create only one such account or profile on QuickScrum. Failure to comply with these Terms Of Service shall be deemed as an offense, and You may be subjected to legal penalties, fines, or legal action. Transfer of ownership of your QuickScrum account or profile to any individual(s) or entity(ies) is not allowed, and You shall abide with these Terms Of Service applicable to your QuickScrum account. In addition, You shall not indulge in any activity which can be considered or interpreted as spam, reverse engineering, hacking, introducing viruses and malware, or any other behaviour or activity considered as unacceptable.


07. Payment

QuickScrum offers several types of services on the website. Such services may also include purchase of products, services offered by registrant, training events, workshops, and other such packages or products. In the event You subscribe or buy any such service(s) or product(s) made available on QuickScrum, You shall pay or redeem the full amount as stated in the post, advertisement, product, or service made available on QuickScrum. Moreover, QuickScrum also offers certain paid services on the website. In the event You subscribe to, or make use of, any such service(s) offered by QuickScrum, You shall agree to pay the full amount, in addition to any applicable government tax(es) to QuickScrum. The fees, or amount paid by You to QuickScrum in lieu of any such service(s) offered by QuickScrum is non-refundable, and QuickScrum holds the right to refuse refunding any fees or amount paid by You to QuickScrum in the event You fail to use such service(s) or fail to benefit by subscribing or using such service(s). For all payments done by You to QuickScrum, You shall receive an electronic version or an “e-notice” regarding the confirmation of your payment. Such payments made by you may incur government or professional tax as levied by the legal authorities in your country and You shall be liable to pay such tax(es) as so specified. You have the right to upgrade or degrade your QuickScrum account as and when You desire. Moreover, the amount specified for the service(s) or product(s) advertised or promoted on QuickScrum by any member, registrant, or user on QuickScrum may change or get updated at the sole discretion of the said member. QuickScrum does not hold itself accountable or responsible for, in any way or manner, for such changes made in the post or advertisement concerning such service(s) or product(s).


08. Scrum tool license

The license to use the QuickScrum Scrum Tool, both cloud (SaaS) and locally deployable versions, made available through the QuickScrum website belongs solely to You. The contents, information, or data entered in the tool by You for your tool usage belongs to You. Even though QuickScrum takes all precautions to safeguard your data and uses reliable technologies to prevent any data loss from occurring, QuickScrum indemnifies itself and does not hold itself responsible in the event your data is damaged, lost, or deleted accidently or due to any technical reasons. You hold the right to terminate the license or agreement by closing or terminating your account and profile on QuickScrum.


09. Disclaimer and limits of liability

Even though the QuickScrum website has been developed using reliable software development technologies and all efforts have been made to keep the website bug free, QuickScrum does not guarantee that its website is, and will remain, bug free at all or some instances of time. You are advised to register, access, or use the website at your own discretion and risk. QuickScrum indemnifies itself from any loss, financial or otherwise, which may occur, or which may have occurred in the past, due to any malfunctioning of the website, due to the influence of any bug(s) present in the website, or due to the “downtime” or interruptions in the website functioning.


10. Amendments

QuickScrum holds the right to add, change, or remove any, or all, services and facilities made available on the website, including the website content, design, or any other aspects relating to the website. Such changes may also include the fees and/or the pricing aspects pertaining to the paid or other services available on the website. Moreover, QuickScrum may change the Terms Of Service, or any disclaimer(s) or agreement(s) stated or mentioned on the website at its sole discretion, and at any instance of time. You are advised to visit the Terms Of Service and other such webpages pertaining to the legal aspects periodically and remain updated regarding the same. QuickScrum may, or may not, inform each or any registrant or website user regarding such amendments or changes in its legal terms and conditions.