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Scrum Features

Simple and easy to understand features will help you get started quickly


View the entire project status on a single page using the versatile Agile management tool and get a list of detailed member activities.

View the burndown chart, velocity chart, and resources workload details on the same page. An activity log displays the most recent activities carried out by tool users. Also view the tasks summary for each resource – total tasks, tasks taken for development, tasks currently in progress, and completed tasks.

Product Backlog

Prioritizing the product backlog as per business value is one of the most important responsibilities of the product owner.

QuickScrum tool offers dynamic backlog management features which let you create new user stories and tasks “on the fly”, drag-and-drop user stories for refinement purposes, and define user stories in details.

Release Planning

Plan and define multiple releases at a time using one the best Agile project management tools.

Create a release without having to update or re-configure the project details. View the product backlog details as per release planning. Using the Agile project management software you can easily add new releases or remove them with ease.

Sprint Planning

Selecting important user stories helps the team to maximize the business value of the sprint.

You can easily assign user stories to sprints using dynamic drag-and-drop features. Create multiples sprints and choose how the sprints are to be created – manually or automatically. Edit, filter, and view stories for all sprints without leaving the page.

Scrum Board

Proper project monitoring ensures that the development team completes the sprint in time.

Using QuickScrum, one of the most useful Scrum management tools, you can create new taskboard columns in addition to “To Do”, “In Progress”, “Test”, and “Completed”. Update existing task board and configure it as per your unique requirements. Add new user stories, create tasks for stories, and allocate team members to tasks.

Kanban Board

Create a visual map of your work processes and use Kanban cards to display actual work status. Get valuable insights to make informed decisions

Use the Kanban board to limit the total amount of work in process and streamline the process to prevent bottlenecks and obtain process outputs in a consistent manner.


Allocating proper resources to tasks and monitoring team productivity can go a long way in completing projects in time.

Monitor productivity of each team member and track team performance using timesheet management feature. View resources wise efforts spent for a particular task and whether the development time is exceeding the estimated time

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