Scrum tool for the most efficient teams

Quickscrum is used by the most efficient teams globally to perform Sprint planning, Sprint Grooming, Daily Standup, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective efficiently

Designed for Scrum Teams

Specialized Scrum tool designed keeping in mind all Scrum fundamentals

Manage, split and prioritize stories to deliver value faster Learn more

Plan one or multiple releases at a time and align your team vision Learn more

Plan one or multiple sprints at a time to deliver faster Learn more

Manage availability of team members within a sprint Learn more

Visually track sprint progress and collaborate with your entire team Learn more

Note down all client's feedback and act upon to improve continuously Learn more

Note down all team members' feedback and act upon to improve continuously Learn more

Track daily team and individual work progress within a sprint Learn more

Get the daywise team health report within a sprint Learn more

Get the total amount of work planned vs completed across the sprints Learn more

Track total amount of work delivered by the team across the multiple Learn more

Track daily remaining work left to do to achieve the sprint goal Learn more

More than just a Tool !

We are not just selling tool and done. Our customer success team truly become part of your business operation. We follow these 5 steps to on-board and continuously serve you to achieve great success

Key Benefits

Continuous Improvements

Transparency, Reduced repeated mistakes and Close collaboration bring the teams on the path of continuous improvement

Faster Delivery

Advanced iterative planning, Shared understanding and Uninterrupted execution accelerate the delivery

Reduce Time to Market

Iterative delivery and regular client feedback help teams to reduce time to market

6 Reasons to choose us

All-In-One Scrum Tool

Get all scrum features within a single integrated tool.

Customer Success Manager

Resolve all your queries and get solutions by dedicated customer success manager

Free Onboarding Training

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Process Consulting & Coaching

Get expert consulting and coaching from the pool of our 500+ agile coaches

Customization and Integration

Ask our dedicated team of developers to customize and integrate Quickscrum as per your need

Data Migration

Our specialized data engineering team can help you to migrate data from your application to Quickscrum

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