Respond faster to your support requests

Let your support team receives all requests, review them, collaborate with other team members and respond to them faster – all within Quickscrum. Answers to your clients query faster and retain them forever. 


Quickscrum is the most effective tool for support teams

Keep everyone sync

Manage tickets, files, conversation – all in one place, keep everyone informed on what’s happening and where the team is heading towards.


Let your support team work together within the product or service team to respond to the client query, collect feedback and improve continuously.

Process Expert Advice

Get on-demand process expert advice to configure your support processes within Quickscrum at no additional cost.

Collaborate Better

Prioritize tickets, discuss over tickets, assign resources, track progress and identify bottlenecks. Keep satisfying clients and celebrate success.

Easy to Implement

Quickscrum is very simple and easy to start with the solution. Getting started with it is a matter of a few minutes and get in-depth as the need arises.

Clear Status Report

Get clear project progress without collecting updates from everyone. Track who is doing what and by when.

Respond Faster

Spend less time in identifying the best way to work rather use industry best practices for support teams and let the team focus on what they do the best.

Implement Best Practices

Spend less time in identifying the best way to work,  rather use industry best practices for support and let the team focus on what they do the best.

Support Team Solutions

Collect Tickets

Let your support team receive tickets from email or web.

Respond via Quickscrum

Respond to the ticket from within the Quickscrum .

Identify Response Time & Leackages

Get response time and identify the leakage to improve internal processes.

Marketing Strategy

Break down your marketing strategy into step by step execution plan. Let everyone see the roadmap to the success.

Campaign Management

Launch the most creative campaign and increase your brand value with every campaign.

Event Management

Plan and coordinate effectively to execute event successfully without chaos.

Simple and affordable pricing

Trusted by clients globally!