Customer Profile

Founded in 1998, Meditab is a leading provider of software in the healthcare industry. Meditab has a simple mission: To create the most advanced, intuitive technology solutions enabling healthcare providers to give their patients better care – the care they deserve. Meditab strives to maximize productivity, and aim to remain a leader in healthcare delivery solutions.

Vimal Shah, Product Manager spared his time with us to highlight the problems and their resolution using QuickScrum tool

Please explain the hurdles confronted in your product delivery.

Meditab remains current with the advancing and emerging methods of healthcare delivery through forward thinking, innovative collaborations, exceptional services, and best-in-class-technology.

Some of major challenges faced by us were,

  • Planning according to the scrum model
  • Quick sprints and deliverables instead of long waterfall cycle
  • Transparent project tracking
  • Efficient Task distribution amongst a large team

What led you to QuickScrum?

Meditab team is aware of Agile methodologies and Scrum framework. So we did not need any Scrum training and coaching. We wanted a Scrum tool which was easy-to-use and brought transparency in terms of development and project tracking. QuickScrum is the right decision as it adheres to all our needs.

How did QuickScrum solve your problems?

Meditab has an internal tools that takes care of non-scrum projects but the current project was aiming to transfer to scrum model. Prior to QuickScrum, the product team was using the internal tool but that did not align perfectly with the scrum methodology.

The concerned product after adapting to QuickScrum are able to collaborate and project execution has streamlined. The features which has helped us in our operations are,

Product backlog:

Help us to prepare prioritized list of work for the development team that is derived from the road map and its requirements. Good product backlogs share similar characteristics – DEEP: Detailed appropriately, Emergent, Estimated, and Prioritized.

Sprint Planning:

help us to establish goals for the sprint and choose the user stories that support those goals. Break user stories into specific development tasks. Create a sprint backlog that the team commits to deliver.

Release Planning:

Resolve discrepancies between the product road map with a team commitment on what they can deliver in a release. Extend visibility past a single sprint, so executives can make informed budget and schedule decisions.

What are the benefits of QuickScrum?

Meditab’s new product team has 40 employees. Meditab empowers providers with innovative healthcare solutions. Meditab is a leading software solutions company that has been continuously changing the landscape of healthcare delivery through forward thinking, innovative collaborations, exceptional service, and best in class technology. At Meditab, we provide state-of-the-art software solutions and 24/6 service to our valued clients assisting them towards running a more efficient and economical healthcare business.

Meditab team knew that Agile was the solution to their problems and it was solved by using QuickScrum. The solutions delivered by Meditab became more transparent to the clients. The feedback from the customers’ further speed up the deliverables.

I feel the decision to implement QuickScrum was just in the following terms,

  • Clients comfort increased
  • Product quality improved
  • Transparency in project status tracking
  • Team morale increased
  • Reduction in development cost