Release 3.21

ON 28 OCTOBER 2021

Hello Quickscrum Family,

Hope you and your entire family are safe at home. On our exciting mission to help software companies to deliver faster, we have moved a little further today.

I also look forward to your great feedback over this release for further enhancement.

Matrix view

The matrix view is a compact representation to view the entire sprint status at a glance. It shows the workitem count by system status and group by one of the following option,

  • Assigned To
  • Priority
  • Severity
  • Complexity
  • Workitem Category
  • Defect Category

Group by

You can select one of the following groups by the option to view matrix view.

Drill down

Click on the count to view the workitem list.

Subitem list

Expand workitem to view subitem list.

Open workitem popup

Click on the workitem code to view the workitem popup.

Open subitem popup

Click on the subitem code to view the subitem popup.

Configure columns

Configure workitem fields you want to get displayed in columns.

Consolidated timesheet

Introducing new fields

You can now configure additional columns in consolidated timesheet. Following are the new columns added,

  • Planned Hours: Total hours of estimated workload planned for a resource.
  • Completed Hours: Total hours of estimated workload completed by resource.
  • Unplanned Hours: Total available hours not planned for a resource. This is clearly a loss for the company.
  • Uncompleted Hours: Total planned workload not completed by a resource. This is also a clear loss for the company.

Resource utilization view

At present we have a separate resource utilization view available, which we have decided to integrate within a consolidated timesheet to increase its value.

You can just click on the icon to get data displayed.

Enhanced project timesheet

Sprint filter

Many of our clients have been invoicing on sprint basis to their clients. Thus, We have introduced a sprint filter to view logged efforts and export them to generate an invoice.

Introducing the list

We have merged listview into calendar view for the quick switching and increase usability.


Matrix report

Today, We have launched a matrix view within a scrum board. We are currently working to integrate the same in Kanban Board and Report as shown in the image below.

You can get the workitem summary at project level in group by

  • Assigned To
  • Priority
  • Severity
  • Complexity
  • Workitem Category
  • Defect Category

We are working of many exciting features to strengthen your internal processes and speed up your software delivery.
Good luck and stay safe
Team Quickscrum

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