Releases 2020

Release 3.16

24 Dec 2020

  • WIP Limit
  • Kanban Resource Workload Summary

Release 3.15

10 Dec 2020

  • Full Screen
  • Zoom In/Out
  • Card roll over on mouse hover

Release 3.14

12 Nov 2020

  • Product Backlog – Incomplete Stories, Completed Stories, All Stories
  • Reduce card Size
  • Plan Mode & Archive Mode
  • Story Board – Quick Card Resize
  • Quick Add
  • Display Individual Lane Goal

Release 3.13

6 Nov 2020

  • Get resource bench size summary
  • Get resource bench size trend
  • Get resource billability summary
  • Get resource billability trend

Release 3.12

02 Nov 2020

  • Project based column configuration within product backlog
  • Consolidated Timesheet – Billable Filters
  • Consolidated Timesheet – Billable Progress
  • Workitem progress

Release 3.11

22 Oct 2020

  • New List View
  • Replaced old Scrum Board

Release 3.10

15 Oct 2020

  • Resource Utilization
  • Product Backlog
  • Defect Backlog
  • Move to other Project
  • Workitems Summary by Resolution
  • Workitems Summary by Severity
  • Workitems Summary by Created By
  • Workitems Summary by Assigned By
  • Workitems Summary by Priority
  • Subitem Completion Heatmap
  • Workitem Completion Heatmap
  • Timesheet Billable Hours Percentage
  • Timesheet Category
  • Resource Scheduling & Consolidated Timesheet Pagination

Release 3.9

27 Aug 2020

  • Enhanced Left Menu
  • My Work – Workitems
  • My Work – Subitems

Release 3.8

14 Aug 2020

  • Global Search for Workitem
  • Global Search for Subitem

Release 3.7

25 Jul 2020

  • Task Popup in Scrum board
  • Task Popup in Kanban board
  • Scrum Board Performance
  • Task Unique Url

Release 3.6

30 Jun 2020

  • Hierarchy view in the Resource wise – Consolidated Timesheet
  • Hierarchy view in the Project wise – Consolidated Timesheet
  • Hierarchy view in the Resource Scheduling
  • My Timesheet

Release 3.5

19 Jun 2020

  • Additional fields in the view
    We have added many fields to be shown in the product backlog, defect backlog, release planning, sprint planning and scrum board. You can configure views from the available fields as per your requirement.

Release 3.4

15 Jun 2020

  • Enhanced experience of assigning board
  • Projects wise Consolidated Timesheet
  • Export Project Timesheet Summary
  • Export Resource Timesheet Summary

Release 3.3

31 May 2020

  • Loosely coupled Story Board Lane and System Status
  • Custom Status Solution
  • Defect Resolution Field
    Resolution field in the workitem
    Resolution field in the issue
  • Complexity Field
    Complexity field in the workitem
    Complexity field in the task
    Complexity field in the issue
  • Task Category Field
    Category field in the task

Release 3.2

25 May 2020

  • New Resource Scheduling
    Flexible duration selection.
    Filter by scheduled hours (to be available on 10th June).
    Improved performance.
    Graphical Representation for Scheduled hours.
    View day wise unscheduled hours.
    View totals.
    Day wise scheduled hours percentage.
    Day wise summary.
  • New Consolidated Timesheet
    Flexible duration selection.
    Filter by logged hours (to be available on 10th June).
    Improved performance.
    Graphical Representation for Logged hours.
    View day wise missing logged hours.
    View totals.
    Day wise logged hours percentage.
    Day wise summary.
  • New Timesheet Calendar
    Flexible duration selection.
    Improved performance.
    Log hours for multiple projects at a time.
    View day wise total logged hours %.
    View logged % for a resource.
    View totals.
    Sync sprint availability to resource scheduling.
    Display Availability for Kanban Project.
  • New Manage Sprint Availability
    View cross sprint allocation.

Release 3.1

30 Mar 2020

We thank you for your patient till now for the new dashboard. Our Business Intelligence team has designed 50+ new gagdets and would be available for the use in next coming weeks. We are absolutely on mission to develop the complete Enterprise Project Management Suits to align Strategy, Governance and Execution.

  • Flexible Size & Location
  • Auto Saved Filters
  • Change Gadget Title
  • Sprint Task Summary
  • Kanban Task summary
  • Cross project task summary
  • Task summary by due date
  • My Task
  • Project Team Member
  • Backlog Distribution By Assignee
  • Backlog Distribution By Created By
  • Backlog Distribution By Business Value
  • Backlog Distribution By Estimation Points
  • Backlog Distribution By Priority
  • Backlog Distribution By Status
  • Backlog Distribution By Type

Release 3.0

14 Mar 2020

It’s been quite some time we have realized the slowness of our userstory popup. It’s the most frequently used part of the application. Last year, we have decided to completely re-develop it with absolutely new architecture and advanced technology. Our team is working hard to enhance every corner of the application.

We are quite excited to release this new popup to you and expecting your feedback for the next improvements. It will be available only in new Scrum Board and Kanban Task Board for now. Our team will continue to work to roll it out throughout the application.

  • Higher Performance
  • Single Click Save
  • Better User Experience
  • Removed Comment Tab
  • Removed Attachment Tab
  • Added Acceptance Criteria Tab
  • Changed Tag Location