Release 3.24

ON 13 JANUARY 2022

Hello Quickscrum Family,

Hope you and your entire family are safe at home. On our exciting mission to help software companies to deliver faster, we have moved a little further today.

I also look forward to your great feedback over this release for further enhancement.

Subitem Matrix Report

Today, We have introduced a subitem view in the Matrix reports. We are also going to develop Export to Excel functionality too. We are also going to add a save filters option, which would help you to save your last viewed filter. You can get the Subitem summary for one or more projects at a time. Following group by options are available,

  • Assign To
  • Task Priority
  • Issue Priority
  • Task Category
  • Issue Category
  • Complexity
  • Resolution
  • Severity
  • Created By
  • Reported By

Group by

You can select one of the following group by option to view the matrix.

Group by

Subitem list

Click on the count to view the Subitem list.

Subitem list

Open subitem popup

Click on subitem code or name to view the subitem details.

Open subitem popup

We are working of many exciting features to strengthen your internal processes and speed up your software delivery.
Good luck and stay safe
Team Quickscrum

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