Release 3.22


Hello Quickscrum Family,

Hope you and your entire family are safe at home. On our exciting mission to help software companies to deliver faster, we have moved a little further today.

I also look forward to your great feedback over this release for further enhancement.

Introducing My Timesheet Calendar View

We have developed a calendar view in my timesheet to reduce the chances of missing effort logs.

View missing effort logs

By visually looking at a green colour, you can make out the missing efforts for any day within a month.

Add effort for a day

You can simply click on any day to add efforts.

View effort for a day

You can simply click on any day to view efforts.

Switch to any month

Move to next month

Go to next month with a single click.

Move to previous month

Go to the previous month with a single click.

Move to another month

 Go to any month of any year.

Go to Today

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Switch to list view

You can view entire effort log list by switching to the list view.

We are working of many exciting features to strengthen your internal processes and speed up your software delivery.
Good luck and stay safe
Team Quickscrum

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