Release 3.32


Hello Quickscrum Family,

Today marks one of the greatest achievements of our team. We have come one step closer to our vision of making enterprises agile, standardized process-driven, and highly efficient.

We are so proud to announce today’s release of the pre-defined solution gallery and enterprise workflow library. Every enterprise wishes to be operationally efficient. Though the majority of them follow the same processes repeatedly to execute the projects subconsciously, nowhere their workflows are defined and re-used.

This is where Quickscrum Workflow Library becomes one of the most useful and unique features designed by our team to save an immense amount of enterprise resource capacity.

Pre-defined solution gallery

Choose one of our pre-defined solutions at the time of adding the project. Till now, the project used to reflect a very complex entity, rather we are moving toward making it just a simple container that can be used for any solution.

For example, you can simply add a project to collect all your customer feedback or a team retrospection, etc.

Manage enterprise workflow library

Stop re-inventing the wheel. Bring process standardization across your enterprise.

Design workflows, execute work using them, and continuously evolve to be efficient. Save well-defined workflows within your enterprise library and reuse them when needed.

Train every team member for standardized processes and save huge resource capacity.

View enterprise workflow library

Manage all your enterprise workflows from company administration. You can delete or preview it and also know who created it.

Inherit a workflow

Configure your workflow (board) from scratch or you can inherit from an enterprise workflow library.

Configure a board from scratch

Inherit a board from pre-defined workflow

New workitem types

Based on your demand, we have introduced the following new workitem types,

  • Feedback
  • Enhancement
  • Change Request
  • Idea

You can create any custom workitem types based on any of the above-listed types.

We are working on many exciting enhancements to strengthen your internal processes and speed up your project deliveries.
Good luck and stay safe
Team Quickscrum

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