Release 3.27

ON 15 APRIL 2022

Hello Quickscrum Family,

Hope you and your entire family members are safe at home. On our exciting mission to help software companies to deliver faster, we have moved a little further today.

We also look forward to your great feedback over this release for further enhancement.

Invite user from project team

Today, we have added one more option to Invite user from project team. If in case the person is not added in company admin user list, but you would like to add into project, it is more easy now.

Enhanced Left Menu

More effective and easy to use Left Menu is enhanced. Once you collapse the menu, it would work on mouse hover. It would remain static, if you keep the left menu opened.

We are working of many exciting features to strengthen your internal processes and speed up your software delivery.
Good luck and stay safe
Team Quickscrum

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