Release 3.40

ON 3 MARCH 2023

Quickscrum has added efficient option to make your work smoother. We have introduced a new tab in subitem (For type Task) as Linked Issues and added resolution column in the subitem list.

New tab in subitem for task

A new add-on to your subitem named as “Linked Issues”. It helps you to identify all the linked issue to the subitem.

Add and link an issue directly to subitem of type task

As there is a new Tab in subitem, you can easily add and link the issue to that subitem. You do not have to create them separately. It can be added in the Linked Issue tab directly.

New column to identify the Resolution of Issue

Now it makes your decision quicker to identify the resolution for the issue. We have introduced a column of resolution,

In subitem list of workitem

In Linked Issue tab of subitem (Type Task only)

We are working on many exciting enhancements to strengthen your internal processes and speed up your project delivery.

Good luck and stay safe
Team Quickscrum

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