Release 2.0


Newly designed scrum board includes following enhancements

High in performance and better user experience:

The board is developed using advanced technology for faster rendering and better user experience.

Workflow configuration:

Introduced card background color

You have possibility to change the card background color for each workflow lane.

Intuitive lane color configuration

Change workflow lane background color from board header itself.

Inline lane title Edit

Change workflow lane title inline within header.

Move lane right or left

Re-order any workflow lane by moving right or left.

Add a new workflow lane

Add or delete a workflow just right from the header.

Inline resource assignment:

Assign task to any resource without opening the task popup.

Freeze board header:

If you scroll vertically – up or down, workflow lane header doesn’t move.

Freeze story lane:

If you scroll horizontally – left or right, story lane doesn’t move.

Enhanced advanced search:

Advanced search itself has many criteria. We have introduced quick search within it to search criteria quickly.

Team is also working upon to launch completely configurable advanced search. Each user will have a possibility to display
only chosen search criteria to reduce a complexity.

Highlighted searched text:

Highlight matched text using yellow background.

Move task from one story to another story:

Just drag a task and move it to any story. Earlier you had to openup a popup, choose a story and save it. No tedious work.

Complete sprint:

Now you have possibility to move few incompleted stories to product backlog and few incompleted stories to the upcoming sprint at the time of completing the sprint.

Upcoming scrum board enhancements

Bulk action:

Change field value of multiple workitems at a time. Select multiple workitems by pressing  .

Real-time board:

Real-time board makes collaboration more efficient for multiple users by refreshing data at a time.

Advanced search:

To make scrum board more usable, we are introducing new tabs in advanced search – Workitem and Subitem.

Auto saved advance search:

Selected filters are automatically saved. Even if you refresh the page, no need to select them again.

We are working on many exciting enhancements to strengthen your internal processes and speed up your project deliveries.
Good luck and stay safe
Team Quickscrum

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